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Paying Your Workers on Time - Bal Talin (Mitzvot 230 & 588)

לא תלין פעולת שכיר אתך עד בקר" - ויקרא יט:יג" לא תעשק שכיר עני ואביון...ביומו תתן שכרו ולא תבוא עליו השמש כי עני הוא ואליו הוא נשא את נפשו ולא יקרא עליך אל יהוה והיה בך חטא" - דברים כד:יד-טו"

Why does Parshat Kedoshim, which is about holiness, include so many mitzvot Bein Adam LeChavero?

The mitzvah applies regardless of a person's financial status, implying it may be more than simply a financial consideration.

Is the mitzvah simply a manifestation of זריזין מקדימין למצוות - doing a mitzvah at the first possible moment or is there something more? Why does the Torah add the phrase "ואליו הוא נותן את נפשו" - he is putting his soul in his hands?

Do you violate the mitzvah if the employee doesn't ask for his wages?

Ethics don't make any sense without kedusha, this is why Parshat Kedoshim which as its name indicates deals with mitzvot bein adad lamakom includes parallel mitzvot that are bein adam lechavero.

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Delivered at the OU Israel Center, May 15th, 2019 (10 Iyyar 5779)