Machar Chodesh: "Why Has Dovid Not Come, Not Yesterday, Not Today" - The Cry of Rosh Chodesh

What is the thematic connection between Rosh Chodesh, David HaMelech, and the Davidic dynasty? Why do we read this haftarah just because it begins with the phrase "Machar Chodesh"? An answer from Rav Shimon Schwab.

Like Shaul we notice that Dovid is missing (i.e. Moshiach hasn't come) and we ask why hasn't Ben Yishai Come? The reasons why Dovid didn't come and why Moshiach hasn't come are one and the same - because of the hatred Shaul had for Dovid and the baseless hatred we still exhibit.

There are two brief simanim in Orach Chaim - to set the table for Melava Malka and to have a סעודה on Rosh Chodesh, both of which are associated with David HaMelech. In times of persecution when they wanted to perform kiddush hachodesh they would send a message from Ein Tav to the Sanhedrin that "דוד מלך ישראל חי וקיים". Why specifically this phrase?

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