Kedoshim 5779

Rashi tells us that the Parsha of Kedoshim was communicated to the entire assembly (בהקהל). Rashi is not just providing information, why did he see a need to tell us this? Additionally, this isn't the first time the phrase דבר אל כל עדת בני ישראל is used (see Shemot 12 and 35)!

We know all the parts of the Torah were transmitted by Moshe to Bnei Yisrael (see Eruvin 54), what makes this communication different? Answers from the Maharal and Mizrachi.

לפני עיוור לא תתן מכשול: The simple meaning of the verse is not to place a physical stumbling block in front of a blind person. The Yad Ramah gives a simple understanding of the prohibition by pointing out that not only is one required to compensate for damages but one should prevent them from happening in the first place.

Why are so many different meanings provided by chazal for לפני עיוור - on the surface it seems very straightforward!