Shemini 5779

On the 8th day of the inauguration a seir izim was brought. The Torat Kohanim says this was to atone for the sale of Yosef. Why are we seeking atonement at this point for Mechirat Yosef - what is the connection? Why does the Midrash refer to Mechirat Yosef and the Egel as beginning and end?

The Meshech Chochma explains why the punishment of Nadav and Avihu was so swift and more severe than we would have expected based its description.

The Rambam & Akedat Yitzchak's explanations for why some animals are prohibited by the Torah. Why is the parsha of kosher and nonkosher food in Vayikra (Torat Kohanim)?

The parallel between the 4 animals with only one kosher sign and the four exiles (מצרים, בבל, פרס, אדום)