729. Muktzeh on Yom Tov

98:37 On yom tov, we may not carry anything outside for a non-Jew except in a place where we may carry on Shabbos.

99:1 Things that are muktzeh and forbidden to handle on Shabbos are likewise restricted on yom tov. (One may handle muktzeh on yom tov for food preparation or other needs of the day – Rema 509:7.) Regarding things that are put aside intentionally or that are muktzeh because they are disgusting, some authorities say that even though they are permitted to be handled on Shabbos, they are prohibited on yom tov. Therefore, one may not handle fruit that has been put aside for sale unless he specified before yom tov that he could eat from it on yom tov. One may be lenient when it comes to fruits that are meant to be sold in small quantities.