Vayikra and Purim 5779

Why does the Torah use the introductory "ויקרא אל משה" if Hashem always called to Moshe before the וידבר - speaking to him?

The Torah uses the word אדם to describe someone bringing a korban to teach that just as אדם didn't bring a korban from גזל - because he owned everything, so too we may not. If so, why according to Chazal was Adam commanded not to steal?

Rabbeinu Bachaye on the purpose of korbanot: מעשה, דיבור, מחשבה (thought, speech, action).

Why can't leaven and honey be used in a korban?

The connection between the verse "קלי קלי למה עזבתני" in Tehillim 22 and the Purim story.

Rabbi Norman Lamm on why so much of the megillah seems to come in pairs.