A Desire to Give

What is the difference between נדבה לבו and נשאו לבו? What does the phrase ויבואו האנשים על הנשים mean? What does חכמת לב mean? Why does the Torah go back and forth between describing the men and women's contributions and between similar-sounding terms (נשאו לבו, נדבה לבו, חכמת לב)?

There is an element of spirit in both the donation process and in the construction process. The Ramban writes that they suddenly found in their nature that they were able to perform the artisan work despite having no prior training!

The comparison between the donation to the golden calf and the donation to the Mishkan and how the latter was a tikun for the former.

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Delivered at the OU Israel Center, February 28, 2019 (23 Adar I 5779)