The Miracles of Eliyahu and the Eternity of Purim

ויקח אליהו שתים עשרה אבנים, כמספר שבטי בני יעקב - אשר היה דבר ה' אליו לאמור 'ישראל יהיה שמך

When Eliyahu builds the Mizbeach on Har HaCarmel it says he took 12 stones corresponding to "the 12 tribes of Yaakov to whom God said your name shall be Yisrael". Why the seemingly run-on sentence?

Why do we describe the victory of Purim as "לנצח" in שושנת יעקב? Why are we called a שושנה? Why are we referred to as Yaakov and not Yisrael?

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