Ki Tisa 5779

Unlike many other Rishonim the Yereim doesn't count machatzit hashekel as one of the 613 mitzvot (though he still holds it's obligatory). If it's a command, why doesn't he count it as one of the 613? Does he consider it as part of the mitzvot of the individual korbanot? If so, Rebbe should have placed it in Seder Kodshim not Seder Moed!

Why does the Rambam quote two verses as the source of the mitzvah he generally only quotes one?

Ki Tisa presents the sequence of events as: 1) Moshe davens, 2) confronts the egel, and 3) davens again. When he recounts the story the order is 1) Moshe confronting the egel and then 2) davening. Which sequence is correct and why the deviation?

When Moshe davens to Hashem he refers to Hashem taking Bnei Yisrael out of Egypt with כח גדול and יד חזקה. What do these terms mean?

The parallel between the 18 words contained in the 13 attributes of mercy and the 18 brachot of Shemoneh Esrei and an allusion to the 19th bracha.