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Mishlei and the Halachot of Kibbud Av V'eim

Mishlei is written in the format of a parent addressing a child. Shlomo is obviously not only writing the sefer for his child, why then does he use this format? Why does he ask his child to listen to him, a child is always obligated to listen to his/her parent - or are they? Sometimes listening to a parent is an obligation; sometimes it's at least a good idea for a child to seriously consider what a parent suggests.

Why does the Torah go out of its way to emphasize that the reward for honoring one's parents is long life?

What falls under the rubric of כיבוד אב ואם? How does the mitzvah apply to one's grandparents?

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Delivered at the OU Israel Center, February 17th, 2019 (12 Adar I 5779)

This shiur is sponsored by Mel David & Family.