Mishpatim 5779

Bartenura: Why is the Mishna of משה קבל תורה מסיני at the beginning of אבות if it's not about mitzvot! Even the messages of Pirkei Avot which are universal in nature come from Sinai. So too parshat Mishpatim. This is why the first Rashi stresses that the laws in Parshat Mishpatim are from Sinai.

Rabbeinu Bachya: ורפא ירפא - Whenever it refers to a human being doing the healing there is a דגש חזק in the פ, when God is doing the healing the פ has no dagesh. Why?

The Rambam on the difference between a הלכה למשה מסיני and פירושים מקובלים מפי משה.

Rav Soloveitchik on why yeshivot emphasize learning torts, laws of nezikin, and not just ethics.

אם כסף תלווה is one of the 3 times the Torah uses אם even though it's obligatory. Why does the Torah do so?