Tefillah Tips - Modeh Ani

As we rise in the morning- the first thing we do even before washing Naygel Vasser is say the prayer "Modeh Ani - which means "I thank you" to Hashem for restoring our souls and therefore life unto us in the morning.

Our Rabbis teach us in the Zohar that we should say the prayer with extreme joy. The question is why? Sure I'm happy I got up, but the baby is screaming, the kids have to get up already for school, I have a meeting at work that I'm dreading!

A tip to get more out of this tefillah is to focus on the following insight of the Iyun Tefillah- Hashem works in the completely opposite way than mankind. When I loan my rake to a neighbor, I am certain that he will return it to me more used due to a bit of wear and tear. Hashem on the other hand to whom we entrust our tired bodies and souls every night restores them to us refreshed and restored better than the way we delivered them. Now that is a reason to appreciate and feel joy- and say "Modeh Ani."