Of Alliances and Covenants: Did Yitzchak Learn from Avraham's Mistakes?

What is the purpose of a ניסיון (test)?

If the Torah is generally chronological, then אחר הדברים האלה indicates a connection to the previous event. What is the connection between the Akedah and the treaty with Avimelech?

As a leader, Avimelech is corrupt - he doesn't care what goes on beyond the walls of his palace. Chazal are critical of Avraham for making a treaty with such a ruler. What are the costs of this treaty (which affects future generations)? Why does Yitzchak have to make a treaty with Avimelech? How does Yitzchak handle Avimelech?

Yitzchak is the first one to have the challenge of Mesorah, taking what you receive, making it your own, and passing it on.

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Delivered at the OU Israel Center, November 21st, 2018/13 Kislev 5779