The Inner Spiritual World of Yaakov

By the end of last week's parsha we find Yaakov having deceived Esav then his father. We don't know what to make of him until his dream and revelation at the beginning of Vayeitzei. We now know that Yaakov is trying to figure out how he can reach higher. Yaakov relives both these encounters as the deceived one in Parshat Vayetzei.

When Yaakov is tricked by Lavan by giving him Leah, he relives the scene where he pretended to be Esav. In the episode of the dudaim, Yaakov is bartered for the dudaim, reliving the scene of trading food for the birthright.

The pasuk says Yaakov loved Leah, but loved Rachel more. Why then does it say "Hashem saw Leah was hated", who hated her?

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Delivered at the OU Israel Center, November 15th, 2018 (7 Kislev 5779)