Tefillah Tips - Shabbos Nachamu Tips - Now What?!!

Ahhh- hot showers, fresh clothes, barbeques, concerts and singles weekends – that is Shabbat Nachamu 5768 – 2008. We just joined together for three weeks of mourning, sadness and reflection regarding the catastrophic void that has existed since 70 CE with the destruction of the second Temple. Now what?!

Although Tisha B’av is behind us this year, we still face all the challenges we did before Tisha B’av, so how can we successfully emerge from this time period better, more productive and more hopeful?

In the Haftorah, the prophet Isaiah says his prophecy Nachamu Nachamu Ami – Feel comforted my nation, be comforted... because the exile is over …. but why should we feel comforted in 2008?

Three Reasons:

1. We have reviewed our shortcomings and are committed to improving. 2. Elul, Rosh Hashannah and Yom Kippur are on the horizon that gives us hope and the opportunities to better our ourselves and our future. 3. Because, Hashem our G-d loves us more then we can understand; and the same G-d that has overseen our miraculous voyage through history has promised that He will see us through until Geulah – Redemption –may it come in our day.

So enjoy the concerts, the barbeques and the hot showers and the emotional and spiritual comfort in knowing that we have so much good to look forward to in the future BE”H.

May we merit the ultimate comfort of Geulah and a peaceful return to Zion soon in our days.

Rabbi Ephraim Epstein