Tefillah Tips - Rising To the Occasion

I once listened to a Drasha by HaRav Zev Leff shlitta who quoted the verse: Eis Tzarah Hee Leyaakov Umimenah Yivasheyah – It is a difficult time for Jacob, and from it he will be saved.

Rav Leff explained the verse differently – It is a difficult time for Jacob, and From it He Will be Saved.

Challenging Times are also OPPORTUNITIES. Operation Cast Lead is challenging time – but it is also an opportune time for all of us.


1. Increased energy and devotion in Tefillah – Prayer – and Answering Amen. No prayer goes unheard 2. Standing in Unison with other Jews on behalf of Jews in Israel and worldwide.

3. Supporting our people and Israel any way that we can – financially, politically.

Times are tough, and so are we – Am Kshei Oref – A Stiff-necked Nation – that stands up when we need to. We must strongly pursue truth, morality, justice, and righteousness in our world where too many (including Jews) do not!

May Hashem answer our prayers soon and bring truth, justice and peace to Israel.

Rabbi Ephraim Epstein