1,065. Chol HaMoed

Shvisas Yom Tov 6:21

The court is required to appoint officers to go around to the gardens, orchards and river banks on yom tov to make sure that men and women are not gathering there to eat and drink, which leads to inappropriate behavior. They must also warn the people that men and women should not mingle at holiday celebrations in their homes, nor overindulge in wine, which would likewise lead to sinful behavior.

Shvisas Yom Tov 6:22

The days in between the first and seventh days of Passover, and in between the first and eighth days of Succos are called “chol hamoed” and are also festive days. Outside of Israel, there are four days of chol hamoed Passover and five days of chol hamoed Succos. While we are obligated to rejoice on these days, and we may not eulogize or fast, we are permitted to eulogize a Torah scholar before he is buried. After the burial, however, it is not permitted. It goes without saying that we are permitted to eulogize a Torah scholar before the burial on Rosh Chodesh, Chanukah and Purim even though we may not fast or eulogize on these days. Again, after the burial, it is no longer permitted to do so.