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R. Tzvi Pesach Frank on Accidentally Marrying a Man Who Converted Out (9 Iyar)

שו"ת הר צבי אבן העזר צ"ט 9 Iyar 5717 (1957)

שו"ת אגרות משה חושן משפט ב:מ"ט 9 Iyar 5739 (1979)

A woman marries a man only to find out that he had converted to Christianity two years earlier (and a Reform rabbi had performed the marriage). R. Tzvi Pesach Frank discusses what to do now that the husband has disappeared; is there a way to get her off the hook without a get?

R. Moshe Feinstein advises men who want to bequeath their estates in ways that avoid non-observant relatives, and how to make sure the money goes to those who will use it well.

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