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Zechariah - Chapter 10

Let It Rain, Let It Rain, Let It Rain!

Zechariah says that if we ask G-d for rain, even at the end of the season, He will grant it. Furthermore, each person will receive the kind of rain he personally requires for his crops. The false prophets and astrologers spoke falsely and misled the people, who were led into exile like a flock without a shepherd. G-d will punish the leaders (Rashi says of Greece) who will oppress the Jews, because He has remembered His people. The Jews will not need to rely on another nation to save them; from them will come warriors and kings. They will easily defeat their enemies because G-d is with them. They will be resettled as before and it will be as if they never left.

Ephraim (the Ten Tribes) will be like a mighty warrior, their hearts joyful as if from wine. G-d will call them back and they will multiply. He will make them foremost among the nations. They will remember G-d and will return to the land with their children. They will be so numerous that the land will not be large enough to contain them all. G-d will strike the sea and dry the river, punishing nations that oppressed Israel. G-d will strengthen the Jews, who will walk in His Name.

Some interpret this prophecy as referring to the Messianic era, while others apply it to the second Temple period, specifically the time of the Hasmoneans and Chanukah.

Author: Rabbi Jack Abramowitz