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Psalms - Chapter 1

No Standing

In the first Psalm, David praises as fortunate those who do not walk in paths blazed for them by evil people, who do not stand in the route of sinners, and who do not sit in the company of scoffers. (Rashi comments that because they do not start out walking down this evil road, they cannot pause to stand in it and they certainly cannot sit down and take root there. Just stay off it altogether!)

The happy person who successfully avoids the above desires G-d's Torah and studies it constantly. He will be like a fruitful tree planted by a stream, always fresh and prosperous. The wicked, however, will dry up and blow away.

The evil ones will not be acquitted in their ultimate judgment before G-d. He knows the righteous when He sees them and He will not embrace sinners.

Author: Rabbi Jack Abramowitz