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Psalms - Chapter 28

As Good As Dead

David calls to G-d and asks that He reply. He hopes that G-d will not ignore his prayers because, if He does, then David is as good as dead. David cries out and reaches his hands towards G-d's Sanctuary.

David asks that G-d not let him be sucked in by evil people. They can be very persuasive, appearing friendly when they are secretly rotten to the core. Such people should get what they deserve! They neglect G-d and fail to appreciate His wonders. Since they don't appreciate His handiwork, He should tear down theirs.

David blesses G-d for hearing his prayer (so he anticipates), saying that he trusts in G-d, Who saved him in various dangers. When G-d helps him, David rejoices and sings songs of praise. G-d is the source of strength to His people and a refuge to His anointed (presumably David himself, and his descendants). May G-d always save the nation, bless them, care for them and raise them above their enemies.

Author: Rabbi Jack Abramowitz