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Psalms - Chapter 67

The Menorah Psalm

David asks that G-d bless us and grant us favor, shining the light of His "face" upon us. He should make His ways understood among the people of the world so that all nations will praise Him. The nations will sing to G-d, Who will judge them fairly and lead them in the proper path. When this happens, the nations of the world will all acknowledge the One G-d and serve Him alone. As the ground of Israel was made to bear abundant fruit in anticipation of the Messianic era, so may G-d bless us. When He does, even the most far-flung nation on Earth will recognize Him through His deeds.

Following the introductory note, this Psalm is composed of seven verses of parallel lengths and is often diagrammed in the shape of a menorah. According to the Avudraham (a 14th-century scholar), a person who recites this Psalm daily with concentration is credited as if he had lit the Menorah in the Temple. This Psalm is also part of the evening service following the Sabbath and part of the monthly Kiddush Levana (Sanctification of the Moon).

Author: Rabbi Jack Abramowitz