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Psalms - Chapter 93


In the Messianic era, G-d will have been accepted as King by all mankind. G-d will have metaphorically "clothed" Himself in glory and might and He will have reinforced the foundations of the world. G-d's dominion over all was in place from the start of creation; He is eternal, with neither beginning nor end.

The enemy is like a river, threatening to wash Israel away. They raise their voices and their attacks like a rushing torrent. But G-d is mightier than any roaring river or sea. He is the mightiest and the Most High. His promises, which were sent through the prophets, can be relied upon to come true. He has promised that the Temple will be rebuilt - may it endure forever!

This Psalm, which describes G-d as dressing up in his "Shabbos best," is the Psalm for Friday, when we do likewise. It is also part of the Shabbos morning service.

Author: Rabbi Jack Abramowitz