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Psalms - Chapter 99

Moses, Aaron and Samuel

This is the tenth of the series of eleven Psalms attributed to Moses and the fifth of six Psalms we recite on Friday nights. (The sixth is Psalm 29.) The author says that when G-d's rule is recognized by the nations, they will tremble before the One Whose metaphorical throne is supported by cherubim. At that time, the whole world will shake before G-d, Who manifests His presence in Jerusalem. All the nations will acknowledge G-d and praise His great and holy Name.

G-d is a mighty King, Who loves justice and Who created equity. He will treat Israel with justice and righteousness by redeeming them. Praise G-d and bow down before His "footstool" (the Temple) because He is holy. (See Isaiah 66, et al.)

Moses and Aaron are among those who administer to G-d and Samuel is among those who called His Name. (Samuel, like Moses and Aaron, was a prophet, a Levite and the leader of his generation.) These leaders called upon G-d and He answered them. He spoke to them from the pillar of cloud and they heeded His word. G-d answered them and forgave the sins of the people, but He holds the leaders to a higher standard.

Praise G-d and bow down before Him at the Temple mount because our G-d is holy.

Author: Rabbi Jack Abramowitz