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Psalms - Chapter 101

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We now resume with Psalms composed by David. In this Psalm, the king sings to G-d of His kindness and justice. David says that he will dedicate himself to seeking G-d's pure path. He asks G-d to accompany him on this journey, because then David says he will be able to act as purely within the confines of his own home as he does in the public eye. He will keep his thoughts pure and evil influences will not affect him.

David says that he will cut down those who slander innocents behind their backs; he cannot tolerate the arrogant and greedy, who live only to satisfy their desires. Instead, he keeps an eye on the pious, so that he can learn from their example. He will surround himself with such people as the servants in his palace. All of the people in his household will be free of falsehood; liars won't last (neither in David's employ, nor in the World to Come). David will wage a war against evil, daily cutting down the wicked people of his nation.

Author: Rabbi Jack Abramowitz