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Psalms - Chapter 127

Sing a Song of Solomon

Another song of ascents: David dedicated this Psalm to his son Solomon, whom he was told would build the Temple.

If not for G-d, David says, the Temple could not be built. The builders would toil in vain. (This may refer to David’s own desire to build the Temple, which G-d refused.) If not for G-d, Jerusalem could not be protected and the watchman’s work would be in vain. But G-d will protect Jerusalem, since He chose it for the capital and the site of His Temple.

There’s no point in getting up early and staying up late at one’s work. These people “eat the bread of hard labor.” G-d provides for those who banish sleep from their eyes in order to learn Torah.

Children are a gift from G-d. They are a reward. The children one has in one’s youth even more so – they are like a warrior’s arrows and it’s good to have a quiver full of them! A person who does will not be embarrassed when he confronts his opponents publicly. (Rashi says this section refers to the students of a scholar; the Radak says David is still speaking of his own son, Solomon.)

Author: Rabbi Jack Abramowitz