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Psalms - Chapter 128

It's 10:00 PM; Do You Know Where Your Children Are?

Still another "song of ascents." Fortunate is every person who has appropriate awe of G-d, for such a person walks in G-d’s ways. When this person eats the fruits of his labors, he will be happy and all will be well for him. (Rashi quotes the Talmud in Brachos that a person who enjoys the fruits of his labors inherits two worlds, namely this world and the Next.)

This person's wife will be like a fruitful vine and they will be blessed with praiseworthy children. These children will be "all around his table," meaning the parents will know where their children are; they're not out getting into trouble.

All this is the blessing of one who is in proper awe of G-d. G-d will bless him from Jerusalem, where the Temple is, as that is the tin can on the other end of the string that talks to Heaven. (That last metaphor is mine, not David's.)

The "godly" person will enjoy all the good of Jerusalem and live to see grandchildren. When this happens, the whole nation will be blessed with peace.

Author: Rabbi Jack Abramowitz