The Importance of a Rebbe and a Wife for Success in Torah

Combinations of wealth, honor and middos – and their absence.

Discussion of the nature of a Rebbe's obligation to show honor to his talmidim.

The importance of having a Rebbe for life decisions.

Analysis of the Gemara in Yevamos’ explanation of the way in which a wife is critical to her husband's success in learning Torah. A question from the life path of Rebbe Akiva and his wife.

Citations: In addition to the commentaries on Mishlei, this shiur references Rambam Hilchos Talmud Torah 5:1, 12, 13, Gemara Yevamos 62b with Rashi, and Teshuvos Chasam Sofer(Yoreh De'ah) 2nd chelek 153rd siman.