Decision-Making and Groups of Deciders

Brief discussion of some biographic points in the Vilna Gaon's life.

Insights into group decision-making.

Discussion of the Bar Kamtza episode and the blame which the Gemara lays at the feet of Zecharia ben Avukulos.

The components necessary to get a true da'as Torah answer to a question.  Discussion of the common phenomenon of people asking guidance from Gedolei Torah without properly informing the Gadol of all of the relevant information.  Presenting information knowingly or unknowingly tailored to extract a certain response.

Citations: In addition to the commentaries on Mishlei, this shiur references Magen Avos (Rashbatz) on 2nd chapter of Avos, Gemara Yevamos 121a with Rashi, and Aruch LaNer Hakdama to Yevamos.