The Middah of Temimus

Two perspectives within "na'aseh vi-nishma: "We might not get another chance like this!"  and "We trust Hashem that whatever is coming, is good."

Temimus is the result of the successful removal of orlas ha-peh just as taming of physical desire is the result of the successful (physical and conceptual) removal of orlas ha-guf.

Discussion of Dovid HaMelech's failure with Bas Sheva.  The temimus required to be able to respond to Nosson ha-Novi's rebuke with the word "chatosi."

Discussion of the rewards of living a life of temimus.

Observations about the enterprise of suggesting insights into mitzvos, the halacha of "b’alavimo" and the limits of logic.

Citations: This shiur references Gemara Shabbos 88a, Gemara Kesubos 112a, Rabbeinu Bachye Breishis 17:1, Toras HaMincha Parshas Nitzavim 75thdrasha,Rambam Hilchos Teshuva 3:4.