Tzadik as Teacher and Peace Maker

Focused observation is impossible when there is too much light; night is for perceiving. Insights into the themes of shacharis, mincha and maariv.

The nature of the failure of a tsaddik versus that of a rasha.

The fruit of a tzadik's production is Torah and that which stems therefrom, whereas the fruit of the rasha is conceit.  These behaviors, when repeated, become part of their essence.

The beauty of silence which presents a conflict for a genuine talmid chochom.

The agenda of achieving peace is so important that tzadikim ask for forgiveness even when they are in the right. The account of Rav and the butcher.

Citations: In addition to the commentaries on Mishlei, this shiur references Rashi and the Biur HaGra on Yeshaya 5:12, Rabbeinu Bachye P'sichal 'Parshas Haazinu, Sefer Kad HaKemach #7, Medrash Tehillim 19thmizmors. vshgiyos mi yavin, Rav Tzadok Hakohen Yisroel Kedoshim 7thos.