What to Pray

For What To Pray

Ask for Ultimate Goal

During personal prayers, ask for the ultimate goal of what you seek, not for the means of getting there.


  • Ask to find an appropriate spouse very soon (rather than praying to marry a specific person).
  • Ask to get a good job (rather than praying to get a specific job for which you will interview).

Praying for a Miracle

You may not pray for a miracle or any occurrence that would require a large deviation from nature.

Where To Add Personal Requests in Amida

You may add personal requests to the amida on weekdays (not Shabbat or Jewish festivals) in these prayers:

  • For livelihood:
    • In the amida's 9th paragraph (bareich aleinu), between mi'tuvecha and u'vareich shnateinu.
  • For a general request:
    • In the amida's 16th paragraph (shema koleinu), before ki ata shomei'a.
    • Even better, just before saying yihiyu l'ratzon.

Yehi Ratzon of Refa'einu for a Sick Person

To pray for a sick person, say the yehi ratzon inserted into the refa'einu (8th) paragraph of the amida on weekdays (but not on Shabbat or Jewish festivals) either:

  • When saying the amida (add your request after "makoteinu"), or
  • After reciting Tehilim (Psalms) for the sick person.

Praying for a Very Sick Person

When you have been praying for a sick person who might have died: assume he or she is still alive until you know otherwise.

Praying for a Sick Non-Jew

You may pray for a sick non-Jew to be healed.

Note: Use his or her normal (first and last) names in any language he or she uses.  It is customary to use the sick person's mother's name.

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