Rabbi Shalom Rosner: Living in Diaspora vs. Eretz Yisroel: What is a Good Jew to Do?

Warning: This shiur may inspire you to make Aliyah.

Israel is the center of the Universe (Kuzari). We have to ask ourselves: what does Hashem want from each of us, in the stage of life we are in, vis-a-vis living in Eretz Yisrael? Rabbi Shalom Rosner looks at the sources (halachic and hashkafic) to help us arrive at the proper answer to this question.

Sponsored by West Hempstead Community members: Abraham & Silvia Borenstein; Robert & Melody Harris; Bob & Gila Margulies; Rich & Ora Rabinovich; Larry & Lisa Siegel; Ari & Shani Wein for the refuah shleima of Rabbi Yehuda Kelemer

Delivered at Torah in the City, January 15th, 2017. Watch more Torah in the City videos.