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I Chronicles - Chapter 14

Hiram, Chiram, Churam, You're As Welcome As Can Be...

This chapter starts with the king of Tyre. In II Samuel and I Kings, he is called Chiram, but here he is called Churam. In either case, we'll stick with the English name, Hiram.

Hiram, king of Tyre, sent David materials and workmen to build a palace for him. This made David realize that G-d had firmly cemented his rule. He took more wives and fathered more children. (Their names are all recorded at this point.)

David's old enemies, the Philistines, heard about his appointment over the entire nation and armed to unseat him. David took his forces to oppose them. He first consulted the Urim and Tumim; G-d sent back word that David would be successful. And he was. The Philistines that fled abandoned their idols, which were burned by the Jews.

The Philistines regrouped and David again inquired of G-d as to his course of action. G-d told David to wait until the rustling of the trees sounded like footsteps. (Presumably, the sound of David's men approaching would blend in with the sound of the trees, giving them the element of surprise.) David followed this stratagem and was once again victorious. As a result of this, David became even more renowned than he already was and the other nations were disinclined to go to war against him.

Author: Rabbi Jack Abramowitz