556. Performing a Mitzvah for One's Own Self

Brachos 11:11

When a person performs a mitzvah for himself, regardless of whether or not it is an obligation, he recites a bracha that God “commanded us to (do such-and-such).” If he performs a mitzvah for another person, the bracha is that God “commanded us regarding (such-and-such).”

Brachos 11:12

The ramification of this is that before putting on tefillin, one recites “…to put on tefillin,” before wrapping oneself in tzitzis, he recites "...to wrap in tzitzis,” before sitting in a succah, he recites “...to sit in the succah.” The same is true for the brachos on lighting Shabbos candles and reciting Hallel, as well as for affixing a mezuzah to one’s own house, installing a guardrail on one’s own roof, separating terumah for oneself, circumcising one’s own son, slaughtering one’s own korban Pesach (Passover sacrifice), etc.