555. Shehechiyanu on Mitzvos

Brachos 11:9

The blessing shehechiyanu is recited before performing mitzvos that one is only obligated to fulfill at a particular time, such as shofar, succah, lulav, megillah, and Chanukah candles; before mitzvos that involve acquiring of property, such as tzitzis, tefillin and a guardrail; and before fulfilling mitzvos that we only perform infrequently, as these are like mitzvos that we only perform at a particular time, such as circumcising or redeeming one's son. If one did not recite shehechiyanu when making a succah or a lulav, he should recite it when performing the mitzvah. The same is true in all such circumstances.

Brachos 11:10

Whether a person is performing a mitzvah for himself or for another person, before performing the mitzvah he recites a bracha that God “has sanctified us with His commandments and commanded us....” Shehechiyanu is only recited when performing a mitzvah for himself. If one is going to perform several mitzvos, he does not recite one bracha that God “commanded us to perform the following mitzvos….” Rather, he recites a bracha over each mitzvah on its own.