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II Chronicles - Chapter 17

When God Says “Jump,” Jehoshaphat Says “How High?”

Asa was succeeded by his son Yehoshafat (Jehoshaphat). He placed troops and representatives throughout the land. Yehoshafat was a righteous king, who followed G-d in a way comparable to his ancestor David, so G-d gave him a steady hand over the nation. His subjects brought him many gifts, which made him wealthy. Yehoshafat served G-d and eliminated both idolatrous altars and the asheira trees.

In the third year of his rule, Yehoshafat sent a party of his officers, along with a group of kohanim and Leviim, on a mission to teach Torah. They brought a Torah scroll with them and taught throughout the land. The surrounding nations were struck by the godliness of the people and did not attack them. In fact, they brought gifts to Yehoshafat!

Yehoshafat became a mighty ruler and he built up his land. He had a large work force and an expert army. (Some of his key officers are named at the end of the chapter.)

Author: Rabbi Jack Abramowitz