Fear of Hashem vs. All Other Fears

Insights into our experience of Yiras Hashem versus other types of fear. Channeling earthly enjoyments towards spiritual ends, for oneg Shabbos, simchas Purim and the like. That, contrasted with the requirements for “simcha.” Self-actualization through becoming similar to Hashem. The pathway of Yiras Hashem leading to bitachon which leads to simcha. Discussion of making monetary calculations before deciding to have a child. The ba’al bitachon’s short-term vision.

Citations: In addition to the commentaries on Mishlei, this shiur references the Rabbeinu Yonah on Avos 2nd chapter, Sefer Ye’aros Devash first section 4th and 5th drush, Sefer HaIkarim 3rd ma’amar 34th chapter.