The Many Traps of Laziness

A contrast of people’s alacrity in pursuing their livelihood with the energy expended pursuing Torah and mitzvos. Zerizus is a characteristic that you generate, which leads to excitement and appetite for Torah and mitzvos.  In a state of laziness, there is no burning desire for ruchnius.  Laziness and depression go hand in hand.  Zerizus as a facilitator of kavanah.  Insights into hilchos tefillin and their effect on a person’s conduct.

Citations: In addition to the commentaries on Mishlei, this shiur cites Rabbeinu Bachye Parshas Terumah (p’sichah l’parshas ViYikchu li terumah), and Sefer Orchos Tzaddikim 16th sha’ar – sha’ar haAtzlus.