The Sinner’s Perspective on his Sins

Sefer Bais HaLevi on the levels of learning and the amount of siyata dishmaya required to attain each one.  Understanding Torah contrasted with the ability to organize, navigate, and remember the Torah.

Discussion of the desensitizing that has occurred to frum people and their views of issurei arayos

The infinite reward for mitzvos, versus the finite punishment for sin. 

Resolution of the apparent contradiction between the two verses’ view of how a sinner views his sin.

Being careful with one’s money, and its effect on one’s own performance of chessed.

Citations:  In addition to the commentaries on Mishlei, this shiur references Bais HaLevi Parshas Yisro, Sefer Shemiras HaLashon 1st chelek sha’ar haTorah 2nd chapter, Ohr HaChaim Parshas Ha’azinu, Sefer Vavay HaAmudim amud gemilus chasodim 15th chapter.