When Tochachah Seems to Bounce Right Off

Different types of tzadikim: those who strive to make talmidei chachomim and those who strive to make Yerei Shomayim.  Types of tochachah-givers. Insight into why some people’s real teshuvah is very short-lived.   

A positive view of being an “Am k’shei oref.”  Differing interpretations of why Klal Yisroel is so reluctant to accept correction.  Analysis of the corruption of Yeravam and his inability to accept correction.  Internal strength and discipline give a person the ability to accept tochachah.  Hedonism is self-focused, self-serving and free of rigor and structure.

Citations: In addition to the commentaries on Mishlei, this shiur references Medrash Tanchuma Parshas Ki Sisa, 6th siman, Alshich on Melochim Alef 13:1, and Rashi on Gemara Sanhedrin 104a.