An Obligation to Curse and Bless

The concept of uttering a curse or blessing after mentioning the name of a rasha or tzadik, respectively.  Consequences in Hilchos Krias Megillah.  Prohibition of using a rasha’s name for one’s children.  Using the term “zichrono livracha” for live people.

Citations:  This shiur references Mishnah Yoma 3:11, Tosefta Ta’anis 3:8, Maseches Sofrim 14:3, Esther Rabbah 10th parshah, 9th os, Sefer HaMinhagim HaGa’os HaMinhagim Purim, Shulchan Aruch Orach Chaim 690:17, Gemara Yoma 38b, Medrash Shmuel Parshah Alef, Teshuvos HaRadvaz, 2nd chelek, Even HaEzer, 6th siman.