263. The Abbreviated Shemoneh Esrei

Tefillah u’Birkas Kohanim 2:2

In every Shemoneh Esrei of every day, one must recite the nineteen brachos in their proper order. This applies when a person prays undisturbed and is able to pray properly. If he is agitated and unable to pray properly, he should recite the first three brachos, one bracha that summarizes the themes of all the intermediate ones, then the last three brachos. This will still fulfill his obligation.

Tefillah u’Birkas Kohanim 2:3

This bracha that the Sages instituted as a summary of the intermediate brachos says as follows:

“Give us knowledge, Hashem, our God, to know Your ways and circumcise our hearts to have awe of You; forgive us so that we can be redeemed; distance us from suffering; cause us to prosper and to dwell in the pastures of Your land; gather those who have been scattered around the world; judge those led astray properly with Your knowledge; lift Your hand over evil people so that the righteous may rejoice in the building of Your city and the renewal of Your Temple with the flourishing might of Your servant David and in the bright light of Your anointed one, the son of Jesse. You answer us even before we call as the verse says, ‘Before they call, I will answer. While they are still speaking, I respond’ (Isaiah 65:24) because You are the One Who always answers, the Redeemer and Savior from all forms of trouble. Blessed are You, Hashem, the One Who hears prayer.”