Chayei Sarah

ואבא היום…ואמר… (כד:מב) יפה שיחתן של עבדי אבות לפני המקום מתורתן של בנים רש”י שם

I once called Rebbi to ask him the following question: Why does the Torah spend so much time on the story of Eliezer’s lengthy conversation; would’t we have seen a higher level of moral instruction from a story of the conversations of the Avos themselves?  Rebbi answered me, “The Avos kept quiet; they didn’t have any light conversation.”

(From Reb Y. Schwob)

…The significance of that interchange can be appreciated through understanding how Rav Twersky felt in general about keeping one’s personal matters private.  He had a friend who would sometimes manage to enage him in conversation regarding things about which Rav Twersky normally would not be forthcoming.  With this particular individual, though, he felt a certain ease that was atypical.  However, even with this friend he was still quite reticent.  This friend wanted Rav Twersky to be more open, and once told him so.  “What’s the story with you, Reb Moshe, why are you always so cagey about telling me what’s on your mind?!”  “My grandfather,” answered Rav Twersky, “told me that a person’s heart is a Kodesh Kadashim.  In the Kodesh Kadashim, even the Kohein Gadol could enter only once a year.”

(Excerpt from the upcoming biography)

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