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Negaim 14:12-13

Negaim 14:12

If a needy metzora brings the offering of a wealthy person, he has fulfilled his obligation; if a wealthy metzora brought the offering of a needy person, he has not fulfilled his obligation. One may bring a needy person’s offering on behalf of his son, daughter, or male or female servant, thereby enabling them to eat sacrificial food. Rabbi Yehuda says that one must bring a wealthy person’s offering for his wife; the same is true of any sacrifice in which she is obligated.

Negaim 14:13

What if the sacrifices of two metzoras got mixed up and one of the metzoras died after one of their sacrifice was offered? This is what the people of Alexandria asked Rabbi Yehoshua. He answered that the surviving metzora should assign his possessions to someone else and then bring the offering of a needy person.

Author: Rabbi Jack Abramowitz