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Negaim 14:8-9

Negaim 14:8

The metzora would go to his guilt offering, put his two hands on it and slaughter it. Two kohanim would receive the blood – one in a vessel and the other in his hand. The one who received it in the vessel would sprinkle it on the wall of the altar, while the one who received it in his hand would approach the metzora. By this time, the metzora had already immersed in the metzora chamber and come to stand at the Nikanor Gate. Rabbi Yehudah says that the metzora did not require immersion at this point in the procedure.

Negaim 14:9

The metzora stuck his head inside the Temple courtyard and the kohein applied the blood to the tip of the metzora’s ear. He stuck in his hand and the kohein applied the blood to his thumb. He stuck in his foot and the kohein applied the blood to his big toe. Rabbi Yehuda says that the metzora stuck in all three parts at once. If the metzora was missing the necessary thumb, toe or ear – i.e., the one on the right – he could never be purified. Rabbi Eliezer says that the blood could be applied to the place where these things formerly were. Rabbi Shimon says that if the blood was applied on the left side, he has fulfilled his obligation.

Author: Rabbi Jack Abramowitz