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Negaim 11:1-2

Negaim 11:1

All garments can be rendered ritually unclean by a nega except those belonging to non-Jews. If one buys nega-infected garments from a non-Jew, they must be inspected as at the outset. The skins of sea creatures are not susceptible to nega impurity. If one attached them to something that grows on land – even so much as a thread or a string – then the part that is susceptible to nega impurity can cause the entire garment to be ritually unclean.

Negaim 11:2

Regarding camel’s wool and sheep’s wool that were combed together, if the majority is camel wool, it is not susceptible to negaim but if the majority is sheep wool, then it is. If the two are in equal portions, then it is susceptible to negaim. The same rules apply to linen and hemp that are combed together.

Author: Rabbi Jack Abramowitz