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Negaim 3:1-2

Negaim 3:1

Anyone can be rendered unclean by negaim except for a non-Jew and a ger toshav (“resident alien”). Anyone can inspect negaim but only a kohein can declare them unclean or clean. He is told to say “unclean” or “clean,” and he does. Two negaim may not be inspected at the same time, neither in one person nor in two. Rather, he inspects one nega and quarantines, confims or releases the person as appropriate, and then he inspects the second. One who was quarantined can’t be quarantined again and one who was confirmed can’t be confirmed again. One who was confirmed can’t be quarantined and one who was quarantined can’t be confirmed. But at the outset, at the end of a week, he may quarantine when he quarantines and confirm when he confirms. One may quarantine and release, or confirm and release.

Negaim 3:2

If groom develops a nega, he is given the seven days of his wedding feast (before he has to have it inspected); this applies to him, his house and his garment. The same is true of a festival: one is given all the days of the festival.

Author: Rabbi Jack Abramowitz