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Ohalos 13:3-4

Ohalos 13:3

Rabbi Akiva says that the minimum size of a hole in a door is the size of a fist; Rabbi Tarfon says an opening of a handbreadth. If the carpenter left a space at the bottom or top of the door, if one closed the door but not completely, or if the wind blew the door open, then the measure is the size of a fist.

Ohalos 13:4

If one makes a hole for a rod, a spike or a lamp, Beis Shammai say that its minimum size is whatever it is; Beis Hillel say that it's an opening of a handbreadth. If one made a peep-hole, a hole to speak with his friend or a hole for use, then the minimum size is the opening of a handbreadth.

Author: Rabbi Jack Abramowitz