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Middos 3:2-3

Middos 3:2

On the southwestern corner there were two thin, nostril-like openings through which the blood was poured onto the western and southern sides of the altar’s base. These flowed until the two streams met in the channel, from which they then flowed to the Kidron valley.

Middos 3:3

In the floor of the southwest corner there was a spot one cubit square (about 18”x18”) where there was a marble slab with a ring fixed in it. They used to go through this to clean the pit (of the used libation wine). There was a ramp on the south of the altar, 32 cubits long by 16 cubits wide (approximately 48’x24’). There was a cavity on its western side where they would put disqualified sin offerings of birds.

Author: Rabbi Jack Abramowitz